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Default Permission to Detect & Photo

Received permission from Otter Springs Park, without asking, was an amazing email to receive. Went yesterday to spend only 3 hours and walked away 7 hours later. Sadly, only 4-6 inches deep is allowed, and the size of a fist. Which means a lot of common coins and junk. Filled up half a grocery bag with trash. And EVERYTHING had to be turned in to the Counties Water Management Office. They have up to 90 days to inspect everything. If they do not want, they call me to come and take possession. WELL ... I disobeyed the rules and started digging 12 inches down. Found an old RFD lock, some sort of cutting blade and this belt buckle in the photo, all in the last 30 minutes of detecting. Told the lady I disobeyed before showing her the items. She was not pleased. After showing her, she is putting in a request for permission to dig 12-14 inches down. They want me to cover as much as possible.

Otter Springs DOES allow metal detecting but some how ... they came to me. Was told the last detector came for a day last year and no one else has been out since. With all that I was unearthing (trash wise), I can vouch. But disobeying the rules on depth ... I think it's safe to say ... this just might be untouched soil.

Can anyone tell me anything about this buckle? It was 12 inches down & the size ... it is sitting in the palm of my digging glove, if that helps any. It only looks huge due to the photo with my cell camera. I was not allowed to clean it & had to turn it in. Kind of reminds me of that buckle that is used on a horse harness.
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