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Originally Posted by NectarDetector View post
Anyone that believes any part of this show is true is either gullible or naive. There is entirely no way whatsoever the Mexican Mafia is going to let a couple Gringos come in and find millions of dollars of their money... they might call it Escobar's money ...but believe me it is the cartels money...and you're not walking in there and coming back alive...period.

I got ocean front property to sell you in Arizona if interested

Why do you gotta be such a kill-joy Nectar ? Sheeesk, we're going to be laughing at you all the way to the bank.

Now if you'll excuse me, before I find the escobar's millions, it will be after I've found the desert pearl ship, yamashita fortune, and lost dutchman mine. I have them all on "good authority" via the dramatized hollywood shows, and the treasure map I bought from the dude on the street corner. So neener neener.
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