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Originally Posted by X-Terra70 View post
Thanks for everyones' replies, and for that link Cfmct. Tom, those fences are proper fences, 7ft high and with barbed wire on top, so not decorative. Only way to get in, is either to pay entry and then hope you don't get kicked out, or to ask for permission to hunt the properties. And I think by offering to donate significant finds to the council's museum, they would more likely say yes (as they'll also benefit from me hunting the property)

So, any ideas on what I should/shouldn't include in the email (of course I won't say I'll be digging up their property!)
Well, that's painting a picture of something that needs permission.

My advice is to get involved in local historical society. Volunteer to docent your time. Attend meetings, etc... THEN you will find permissions to be much more forthcoming.

But be forewarned: Sometimes the caliber/mindset of people in historical societies and museums are "archie" minded folk. Who might *bristle* at the mention of metal detectors. But if you're a docent and volunteer , you can feel out those situations ahead of time.

I docent at 2 different museums, and it has opened up many doors for me.
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