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Default Asking for permission from local council to metal detect at historical sites?

I recently spoke to a lady on the train about metal detecting (as I was on my way to a hunt), and she told me her husband once asked the employees at an old homestead, if he could detect at the homestead, to which they said 'no' (simple answer, right?). However, the homestead is owned by the local government, so the employees don't really have much control over the property

There are quite a few old historical sites in my council which I would like to detect, and I know I can't just walk onto the site and start detecting (they'll probably say no, like above). So, I figured, maybe I could ask for permission from the council to detect at these sites, with the condition that they may display any of my finds from these sites in their local museum (sounds fair to me, I get the joy of digging up artefacts, and they get to preserve the artefacts in their museum).

Now, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to ask (I mean, I've got nothing to lose, but still, I don't want to create too much attention on the hobby), and I have no idea how to write/formulate such an email. I would appreciate some of your ideas/tips/suggestion, thanks

Btw, I would like to add that in the mid 1990's, it was suggested in a council meeting to implement a law that would prohibit metal detecting at historical sites. I couldn't find if a law was actually created, but given that they considered making one, suggests that perhaps people have already hunted some of these sites. Then again, I'm not sure how the metal detectors from the 1990's compare to today's detectors.


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