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Originally Posted by Dezertyote View post
I love the older cars also, my first car was a 56 Chevy 2 door sedan.
I dropped a 327 in it and totaled it 2 weeks later.

My brother-in-laws has been restoring classic cars for years. He's got your 55s 56s 57s and up all show room condition. Nomads, convertibles, hardtops.
He has an extensive collection of Belairs in the 60s with an original 63 or 64 409.
He's escorted the Beech Boys to concerts with his classics pulling up to the front of the stag and dropping them off. Kinda cool

You may have to update the prices in the advertisement...
Now that is some collection your brother-in-laws have !

If I remember right my first car was a 61 Chevy Impala with a slant 6, nothing fancy but the slant 6 was a nice engine, my dad sold it to me for just $100 when he was getting another car.

Here is a copy of the pic from the facebook link you shared -
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