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Originally Posted by Pulltabby View post
Your a pony fan. Here is one still own. I don't understand the rage for exTreme HP. Most drivers likely do not track their cars. I like speed but only with safe limits to me and others on the road.

My neighbor a voice actor hit a pothole on his HD darn needed a new wheel it wobbled after 30mph.
Times have changed. When I was a youngin street racing was common. It was done with safety in mind of course, but it was common to see two cars go at it while cruising main. Today people freak. I'm not going to lie many of my races start on the street as a short show of willingness to race, then we go to a country road.

Once I hit 500 RWHP (rear wheel horse power) it became a matter of who had the better suspension not the most HP. I would just spin from 1st through 3rd until I start upgrading tires and traction items (IRS lockdowns etc.). I beat many big block HP monsters with my little ole 5.0 small block simple because they didn't know how to drive or spent all their money in the wrong place.

I am a Mustang fan for sure but when I went to buy my new street car I looked and drove the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro before deciding on the Mustang. I liked the classic looks of the Challenger best but that thing was a hippo. 4200 lbs. Eeek! The Camaro felt like driving a go cart. It was fast but felt cheap. The Mustang was just right. Weight was 3650, interior was leather and well made. Good comfort optioned. And still ran faster than the Challengers and a drivers race with the SS Camaro.

The real treasure is in the hunt....

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