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Originally Posted by Detector View post
I have a hard time keeping 500 RWHP under control on the streets I can't even imagine what 1200 would be like. And a top end of 200+ MPH. Where in the US are you going to be able to hit 200 MPH? I've had my 2015 Mustang GT 5.0L up to 155 MPH and I was just shifting to 6th. It drove like I was doing 55, but then it hit me what hitting a pothole at 155 would do.

Your a pony fan. Here is one still own. I don't understand the rage for exTreme HP. Most drivers likely do not track their cars. I like speed but only with safe limits to me and others on the road.

My neighbor a voice actor hit a pothole on his HD darn needed a new wheel it wobbled after 30mph.
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