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nice work. i just picked up my Predator from a welder yesterday. i had surgery x2 hernia and prostate cancer, and the 31 inch predator with me at 5'11 made my scrunch down kinda pinched. soooo i had him add a 12" extension and now i can stand straight and push down without the awkward half bend, which sometimes hurt my back muscles too. it was somewhat costly but worth it. i know welding supplies sky high so did not mind paying. he also welded a 12 in extension to an aluminum handle cheap scoop that had an umbrella shaped "J" handle, absolutely useless as it was to me. it was a freebie from a widow of deceased partner thrown in with machine i bought from her. he went to beach twice a year and just got a simple one. it aint prettiest with a welded filled in coupling and larger tubing on end but very sturdy functional now. much stronger. i need to get a bike grip on it. no tee handle just straight shaft. i dont water hunt inland except the edge of a lake sometimes, and a yearly lowering of old private lake so this thing will do. Whites made a longer shovel but to me it was too wide and i use the predator in grass sometimes, or tried, but now way more functional. i use a WW2 army entrencher in the woods where it dont matter, turn at angle, chop, and have one with a longer wooden handle when back is sore.

i envy your skills they look really good. i paid $60 for the two extensions and am happy. nice guy.

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