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Hi Cody! I live in Middle Georgia. State parks and National Seashore are big no no. Nation Seashore has signs posted--Jekyll Island and so forth, with the Number of the United States Code on it. and yes.. they prosecute..harshly..

local ordinances vary and enforcement is the key. there are some mousy ordinances and its just according to who sees you. i had a friend they confronted by a jerk of a worker, and friend was an off duty cop lol. I think he recognized him as such.. this was a place--park..hunted forever. friend was newbie. and since consolidation of city county govt the law is somewhat unclear. he had to get a "permit" and no disturbing the soil. yea..I been hunting there 20 years... in fact, i hunted there today at lunch in the chips, and the other day wandered out on the grass.. no ball fields though. use common sense of where they look. and time you hunt. most parks are closed and posted at dark. . and no shovels. common sense. discreetness. and nighttime hunts even if not posted and closed, aint safe in urban areas. lots of spent shells and fired bullets..

Atlanta has a city ordinance i hear, and take your life in your hands there in a lot of old parks to start with.

local schools.. well some are non caring but most now have the ball fields fenced off and locked, and several places they have posted. the chip lots dont yield too much unless they are in area where a lot of off hour kids play, but due to damage because of lack of parenting, and teenagers, many are now locked..
But there are places to hunt... good luck!

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