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Welcome back to FMDF. It's been awhile since you've chimed in

Originally Posted by Cody H View post
.... but have been hesitant due to the laws here....

What "laws" there, are making you hesitant ? Can you be specific ? Because as you allude to: There's myriads of different layers of types public land. Eg.: Federal (and various forms of fed. land therein), State (and various forms therein), County (and various forms therein), and scores of cities all around you (with various forms therein).

So : Are you saying that you've found prohibitions on every single one of these ?

But then you say this, which sheds light on your plight:

Originally Posted by Cody H View post
.... I have done a lot of searching, but can't find anything other than the ....

Originally Posted by Cody H View post
....but I can't find anything regarding the counties around me....
Aaahh, so you are NOT "finding laws or rules " that address the use of detectors. Right ? If so, then do NOT fall into the trap of thinking you're going to find rules or laws that say "Metal detecting is allowed here". On the contrary, if you're not finding laws (ie.: if it's silent on the subject), then presto: It's not disallowed. You do not need express allowances for this. Just like you won't find some express allowance to fly kites, or skip stones on the pond (might poke someone's eye out).

Thus the fact of you "finding nothing" is ALL THE MORE reason to head out and detect (barring obvious historic sensitive monuments, of course).

Then you say :

Originally Posted by Cody H View post
.... other than the Archaeology board or whatever saying that you need written permission to metal detect on Federal/State/Private property...
Cody: Consider the source of that "dire sounding quote" : Coming from archaeologists. WELL OF COURSE they're gonna spew out "dire sounding junk" when it comes to metal detecting. It would be like asking a P.E.T.A. (animal rights wacko group) : "Can I leave my pet bunny in the car while I run into 7-11 and get a slurpee ? " They will screech: NNNOOO ! The bunny will suffer. Your car will get confiscated. blah blah. Heck, they might even be able to cite animal cruelty laws that appear to say such things. But .... seriously now .... did anyone else in the world care except them ? SO TOO do I put little stock into what some purist archies claim.

For example: That is simply not true that you need "written permission" to detect on various fed. and state locations. ON THE CONTRARY: If it's not prohibited, then .... who says "written permission" needed ? Where are they pulling that out of ? Do you need "written permission" to fly kites ?

And as further proof, notice they're saying you need "written permission" to detect on private land . SINCE WHEN ? SAYS WHO ?? If Farmer Bob says a verbal "go ahead", then : Farmer Bob can do whatever the heck he wants on his land. If you have guests over to your house to watch an NFL game, do those guests need "written permission" to be in your house ? OF COURSE NOT. So where is the archie getting that, somehow, md'ing needs "written" permission ? That's just utterly silly. Verbal permission is just fine.

So this cut & paste by the ding-bat archie can be ignored.
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