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Originally Posted by KingTotsalot View post
Donney, that's his way of tellin you he doesn't think saving NIFCs is worth it...

That's fine and dandy and each person has the right to their own opinion. IMO, KT saves NIFCs not for Himself but for Prince John and His Royal Offspring. In 40 -50 years they will be scarce coins and the value will have increased. Can anyone say that if you just took that money now and bought a US Savings Bond, which one would be worth more? Not unless they got a crystal ball! But, looking at the dismal rates offered on most investments, and the added chance of loss, saving some NIFCs for the future is not illogical. If the economy does not collapse, but eventually actively grows, people will have more money to devote to hobbies, and coin collecting is one of those hobbies.

Overall the important thing is that NIFCs have a chance for increase in value with time and you actually are saving something when saving them! HA HA
I think you are right on KT! And, from the looks of things, If and when the * control of the US economy, * will be the providers of jobs for the future in this country, and * there will still be US coins around to hunt!

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