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Originally Posted by champsbbcoach View post
I've been using my toy for quite a few hunts now and so far, I've only found 1 wheatie and a bunch of clad and mems. I'm still looking for my first silver, and, actually, for my first nickle. The sensitivity on my machine is set at the following: Rx Gain...7, Disc...75, All metal...55. Would it help to change any of these settings or should I continue my silverless path?
I would crank the AM and Disc each up 10 to begin with, Disc of 85 and Am 65. One method of testing I like is to bury what you'll look for at 6" and 8", stick it in the sidewall instead of under the loose dirt.

Then sweep the one you can see, turn the gain down a click at a time until it just barely reads. Next try a lower filter, 5 band is best for depth. Then tweak the Disc sensitivity. You might start by using the settings you have now, increasing Disc first after the filters, locating the lowest gain for improved response. You should try and get optimal at that lowest gain setting. Try the deeper target next, increasing the gain until that one hits. be CAREFUL to not bury near other metal, because if you are using the 10" coil, it will muddle the machine for these tests, especially in AM.

**Your filters will have a definite effect on response, so try to use the 5 Band filter if you can. The factory files seem to like 10 band but I think that is just a conservative setting for average beginning coinshooters, and 10 will reduce depth. Too high Disc can give lots of false noise so I like to keep mine here high 80s to low 90s. All depends on your soil though.

That's where I would start. IMO you can jump on increasing the Disc and AM by 10 if you want to try a fast test. It's tempting to go deeper into the menus and change other stuff at first. I don't condone that. What coil are you using?

So, 1. Hit the shallower buried coin with what you have now. 2. Lower gain until barely reading target. 3. Play with the filters for optimal. 4. Tweak disc up(re-do gain lowering beforehand if new filter choice greatly improves things) 5. Ramp up the gain. 6. Work on the deeper buried coin.

Don't forget to ground balance. I'd use Lock Track in the test garden. martin
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