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Originally Posted by Soil Surgeon View post
Another great hunt Jason !Way to go on the 8 Indian Heads so far this year , It must be close to ten years ago since I found my last one .
Wow , way cool on the Langendorf bread pin . I remember eating Langendorf bread as a youngster back in the 50's I also remember watching " The Range Rider " and his younger sidekick Dick West on a black and white tv ,
they were sponsored by Langendorf .
Great post !
Thanks and cool recollection on Langendorf bread you shared.
Originally Posted by Happa54 View post
Ok, Jason, where are the rest of the coins...down at the bottom of your pouch?

You have so many coins you can't keep up on the cleaning anymore.

It was great hunting with you and Dan on Sunday. You guys really spanked those coins.

But would you please leave a few crumbs for me? My girlfriend says she's leaving me cuz I don't bring home enough goodies for her....LOL
Thanks Kurt! Yeah I finally got around to last weeks coins. What about those two rings, your girlfriend doesn't like them?
Originally Posted by Dewsweeper894 View post
Great hunting report Jam .
Very unique token . Very cool!
Congratulations on the number 8 Indian cent.
And yes the silver also.
Keep the reports flowing as winter is hitting us hard and early in Wisconsin.
HH .
, Dew
Thanks Dew.

Etrac Totals since 12/27/10 (2020) - Clad: $3694.53 ($194.69), Silver Coins: 1904 (170), Indian Heads: 68 (34), Wheats: 8755 (860), .925: 324 (28), Marbles 1037 (123), Coinstar Silver: 22, Oldest Coins: 1814 Large Cent, 1860 1/4 Reale, 1854 Seated Quarter

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