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+1 on that. Found one last week at our local store (did not even know we had one!). Bring a printed webpage and they honor the site price of $14.99.

I typically go out when the sun is coming up and can say the Cen-Tech does not like moisture. Had even electrical taped the case seam and the sensitivity dial stopped working about 30 min into it. That was just from "dampness" not actually getting wet. Let it dry out and works fine again. Ended up putting it in a ziplock bag with a hole for the probe to come out - still fits in the holster.

Really like holding the button down for "on" and the built-in light. Also, it's the entire second half of the probe that detects not just the tip. Was getting about 2.5" in-air directly off the tip and at least 1" into the ground. Can turn it sideways and "wave" detect like a wand.

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