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Originally Posted by Big Treble View post
OK, not sure what you mean that all detectors shooting the same frequency respond the same. I would only agree if the processors were the same, but this isn't what I was talking about.

Second paragraph,, I'm good with.

As far as the last, you may have the point. Just would have thought the size of the penny to dime wouldn't have increased the intensity that greatly. So if I machined a penny to the exact size of a dime would you think they would give the same tone and VDI?
What I mean by all detectors using the same frequency is that the same target will respond the same way, to the same frequency for each of those detectors (assuming also that the current used to generate the transmit field is identical across the board (amplitude, frequency, phase offset). The laws of physics govern this. It cannot be designed nor manufactured around. If you disagree with this, take it up with Faraday, Maxwell, Ampere, and Lenz. Read: The TARGETS respond the same. What the detectors do with the Induced response field is a different story all together. That is where all the processing goodness comes into play and sets detectors apart from one another.

As far as your penny goes, probably not. The penny already has a VDI less than the clad dime. If it is a brass penny, it will have a VDI of 70-75 on my V3i. The Bronze penny will have a VDI from 58-69 depending upon wear. If you shave the penny down, it will likely further decrease the VDI of the penny.

The reason why a deep penny will be easier to identify than a deep dime is that the penny is inducing a stronger response field. While it is not as conductive, it has a bigger surface area and thickness. Stronger induced field equals more "depth" and ease of identification. Strength of the induced field is important because the strength of a magnetic field is inversely proportional to distance^3 - ie, field strength falls down really fast the further away from target you get. If you shave the penny down, you are going to decrease both the vdi and the strength of the induced field.

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