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Originally Posted by Big Treble View post
So I'll throw my 2cents in here, but this in just an opinion I have based on my experiences.

I don't think detectors respond to all metals the same, while I usually Disc out much of the nickels/tabs/gold 50-75% of the time, I 've noticed with both the V3i & the Etrac, pennies always seem to come back with a more solid identifiable signal than silver at deeper depths. Since I generally discriminate out most the tabs I haven't really compared the intensity of a deep aluminum signal to a deep silver signal, but I too have Dug deep tabs, which is why I get tired and discriminate them out
All detectors working at the same operating frequency will respond to metal the same. How a metal response is based upon conductivity, surface area, thickness, orientation in the ground, temperature, and ... Frequency. It is the laws of physics. No detector can violate them.

What is different is how a detector will receive and process the target information. Receive coil sensitivity, ground balancing, digital signal processing, operating frequency/frequencies - these are what matters to the person using the detector. It takes all of that complicated physics and math and turns it into something we can readily understand. Some detectors do it much better than others.

Statistically, if you find deep silver, it will most likely be a dime. Taking that into consideration the penny will return a stronger signal because the penny has a bigger surface area and thickness. The conductivity of both alloys are not too different. At depth, you will have a better chance of getting a good signal from the target that has the greatest surface area (unless on edge of course). You don't have too much trouble finding those 6 foot deep sewer pipes, do you? (granted, that is also in part because they contain iron)

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