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Originally Posted by Martin_V3i View post
I'm digging pulltabs at 10 inches in old areas where old silver has been found, yet very rarely at that depth. Many tectors have hunted there and I've put in tons of hours there myself but never pulled a 10" silver there. Some of the Minelab guys have popped some. My Whites can get a simple pulltab, why not a coin at the same depth?

My question is, since I have the ability to detect multiple pulltabs at this depth, is there any reason that a pulltab reads and is found this deep whereas silver nor even clad, gets pulled?

It just seems odd.
So I'll throw my 2cents in here, but this in just an opinion I have based on my experiences.

I don't think detectors respond to all metals the same, while I usually Disc out much of the nickels/tabs/gold 50-75% of the time, I 've noticed with both the V3i & the Etrac, pennies always seem to come back with a more solid identifiable signal than silver at deeper depths. Since I generally discriminate out most the tabs I haven't really compared the intensity of a deep aluminum signal to a deep silver signal, but I too have Dug deep tabs, which is why I get tired and discriminate them out

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