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Smile Silver Spills And Some Cool Relics At My 1890's Park :)

Hey folks, these are my finds for this week. I went out a few times to my 1890's park, and a little bit of time at a 1930's field. A large majority of what you see came from the 1890's park. I hit an interesting turn of the century dime spill, where I dug an 1892 Barber, and 1899 S Barber, and a dateless Queen Victoria Canadian dime at the 1890's park. I also hit another spill, this one probably from the late 1950's or early 1960's, I dug a couple Washington quarters and a Rosie. And yet another spill was a 1911 V Nickel and a 1915 D Barber quarter, probably dropped sometime in the 1920's. This signal was probably left by others because of it's 5 inch mid thirties junky signal. I thought it was going to be another piece of can or zinc penny. But when I seen the nickel come out, I knew there was a higher conductive signal still inside and I was right. Anyway other highlights include a really nice and rare WWII Army Tank Corps collar disk, and an interesting hunk of iron, that has two sterling religious medals inside it. The hunk of iron was probably a steel necklace that held the medals. I also found some more silver dimes and a few relics and whatnot. Thanks for looking Everyone, have a great weekend, and HH Everyone!
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