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Default Another George Washington Inaugural Button

Wow. I just found this button a few hours ago. I still canít believe it. I do have a few questions - Iím hoping someone can help me but before I ask hereís how this happened. I live in South Jersey and I went to this huge field that Iíve hit 30-50 times over the years. Iím at the point now where when I go, I rarely get any solid signals...itís like you get these small blips and 95% of the time itís just iron but every now and then something interesting pops up. Anyway, I was in a section thatís very trashy - I believe itís a trash pit from colonial times? I say this because when I dig, I hit a lot of bricks, glass, pieces of ceramic plates, iron, etc. I have the Etrac and this field has produced colonial relics, coins, buttons, etc. The numbers on my Etrac 12-37. Now every time I find a dandy button, I like pray that I see a GW or Eagle or whatever and there it was. It was only like 4 inches down. Itís a shame that itís bent but I donít care. Itís a friggin GW button. I donít even know if the shank is still there. Thereís a clump of dirt on the back that Iím nervous to remove. I was in this field for 4 hours and other than this button and a wheat penny, all junk. One of my best days (if you can believe it). So hereís my question - I havenít cleaned the button. I normally use water and tooth pick it but as some of you know, sometimes with coins the dirt actually helps outline images on the coin- Iíve made the mistake before where I rinse off the dirt and the outline is completely gone and it makes it harder to see the image. Is there a professional company that will clean the button and or restore it (maybe flatten it? If thatís a stupid question - my apologies. I would love for a professional to clean it up so I can display it in my office or something. Any recommendations?
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