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Well, you should give up that whole Road Bike thing anyway…way too dangerous…and come join us on the Dark Side!! Mountain bikes, baby, that’s where it’s at!! I can relate to the back issues though. Stupid actions in my youth have led to a loss of the disk between L5 and S1, and the loss of most of the disk between L4 and L5. Oddly, riding a bike doesn’t bother me at all, and I’ve done some long races…including a 237 mile race in the U.P. of Michigan that took 27 hours. It was a blast. So stop that skinny tire stuff, and go grab yourself a mtn bike instead.[/QUOTE]

I used to mtn bike when I was a teenager but was scared of all the jumps and technical stuff (I'm a wimp). Once I got on a road bike I felt like this is what I should have been doing. I really enjoy doing the longer adventure rides. I feel like staying in the road position for 8+ hrs can't be that great for you. You're hardcore, can't imagine doing over 200 mi of mtn riding. I wanted to do a 200 mi road ride... right now by back hurts after 30 miles. Some people say I should try gravel riding instead.

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