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Originally Posted by Fieryafterburnr View post
He said sure go anytime you want, just give me a call. Honestly was blown away
Wow, it’s awesome that you got permission to detect. I’m not sure I would have called the dentist’s office either, but obviously it worked for you…so who knows what I’d do now, in a similar situation.
Originally Posted by Fieryafterburnr View post
OK, I'm interested in road cycling. However, I kind of went crazy my first year of cycling and biked 5500 miles. Somehow my spine really didn't like staying in the same position for all that time, which caused me to partially rupture a disc in the thoracic spine. So I've stopped biking a lot which is sad. I'm trying to continue PT exercises and strengthen my back. A large part of why I started detecting is because I stopped biking as much.
Well, you should give up that whole Road Bike thing anyway…way too dangerous…and come join us on the Dark Side!! Mountain bikes, baby, that’s where it’s at!! I can relate to the back issues though. Stupid actions in my youth have led to a loss of the disk between L5 and S1, and the loss of most of the disk between L4 and L5. Oddly, riding a bike doesn’t bother me at all, and I’ve done some long races…including a 237 mile race in the U.P. of Michigan that took 27 hours. It was a blast. So stop that skinny tire stuff, and go grab yourself a mtn bike instead.
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