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Originally Posted by Fieryafterburnr View post
.......I was reluctant to call the dentist office for permission but another hunting buddy persuaded me to try. I called one office and they directed me to the office the owner is located. This office took down my info even though I'm a complete stranger AND in 10 mins the property owner called me back. I asked him if I could detect the property and that I would show him anything I found there if he was interested. Also, offered to give any finds he may want (being very generous at this point in my detecting). He said sure go anytime you want, just give me a call. Honestly was blown away.....
Awesome! Nice job. There will be people who poo-poo the idea of letter writing and cold calling, but it's worked for me.

There are property owners out there that totally get it. They are actually curious about the world, maybe love history, would like to know more about their property, but they know they'll never go out and detect. Some of these people end up owning multiple properties and if you treat them right they'll keep you busy.

Make good on the promise to show him your finds. So what if it costs a silver dime or old pennies to have more places to detect? Property owners taking your goodies rarely happens anyway. Send them a "report" with a photo of the finds, brief descriptions, and include a coin or relic or two that you think they might find interesting. Do some research on the property and include a brief summary. I've used Census data to put together timelines of who lived in a house, how many kids, what kinds of jobs they had, etc... Let them know your favorite find and thank them for the opportunity to find it.

To be clear, I don't approach every property like this, even with the same owner. There are times when the property owner truly doesn't care what you find and you just say "thanks!" snag a few coins and move on.

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