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Default Possible Revolutionary War prison camp relic

Hey, Gang. I was recently looking for buried treasure on my dad's property, and we found the attached length of chain about 10" down. I cleaned it for over a day by way of electrolysis, but it didn't clean up very well as you can see. There are no welds, the links are somewhat irregular, and it's deeply pitted, layer by layer. My hunch is that it's wrought iron, but haven't tested it. My impression is that it's very very old because three of the links have become cemented together, and the only thing I've ever read about relic cementing was in some archaeology source, which makes me think it must be old as the hills. The reason I think it might be Revolutionary War is because my dad lives in south-central PA very close to where archaeologists are digging up relics from Camp Security--a Revolutionary War prison camp.

I know it's impossible to say one way or another just by sharing pics, but what's y'all's impression of the find?

Note: I tried attaching four pics, but the system only let me do the one. I'll try again with the others after posting.
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