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It's been a few years now since I owned my old ACE 250. But one of the first things that I learned were 1. Wrap the wire going from the coil head to the brain box around the shaft, or zip tie it. If it flops around it slaps the shaft and you get false or ghost signals on non existent targets. 2. When pin pointing, swing away from the target then press pin point just before you swing back over it. 3. You can determine the size of an object by holding the pin point button down and slowly moving across an item from different directions. If the signal stops in an inch or two, likely a coin..... My machine often registered one cent on silver dimes...... Duracell 2000 mah rechargeable batteries work well in the ACE and can be recharged for years...... If my batteries were close to dying and or there were over head or under ground electrical lines near by, the machine would go bonkers. I had to move, or change the batteries, and sometimes do a factory re set in another spot by holding down the power button for about five seconds to get multiple beeps. This is just from memory a few years back. The ACE 250 isn't a depth demon but it is still a pretty decent machine and better than some give it credit for.

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