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Default Thanks for welcome

Thanks for all the kind words and welcomes. Looks like a great site. Been to the Philippines a few times since I left there (but God, that's a long plane ride). Also been detecting in the Caribbean and Central America. The PI was definitely the best--so many treasure legends and billions $$$ of dollars worth at stake. That's where the dictator Marcos got a chunk of his fortunes. In the late 80's was when I was most active there. I had an old White's detector and with help from my mountain Negrito pygmy tribesmen spent four years exploring dozens of natural caves and WWII command posts. Most having never seen a live human since the war. I found an incredible assortment of treasures and trash. I'll post some photos for your interest and enjoyment. This first photo is of vials of medicine I unearthed. Amazing that is was still intact. Many are morphine-- just like in the movie: The Deep (recommend that treasure hunting movie highly--Jacqueline Bisset- wow). Second photo is of my Negrito friends and guides. I write about these adventures in my two novels. (I apologize in advance for my shameless self-promotion, but I figured you folks are my audience. Ha.) I've included my novel covers-- both are available on Amazon. Cheers Nick
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