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Other treasure hunting....?
I've seen other forms of treasure hunters, " dumpster diving" videos
Laugh, if you want.... but, people do throw out many good things.

Just last week visiting my brother in-law, (he is a trash truck driver)
He showed me some of his "garbage-gold" as he calls it.
stuff ranging from scrap copper wire, (he had close to 150 pounds)
old antique bottles, a Ravel Gemeinhardt flute in a case.
sega game gear launch addition with 20 games .........we plugged it in yep works great/ google search....$599
Now he tries to sell those finds on craigslist, or at pawn shops.

2017 totals; $251.51 clad; 154 wheats, 10IH, 39 silver coins, 3525 total coins dug
18 rings (9str rings)
AT Pro, ML CTX 30/30

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