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Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
You are aware that there's been speculation that she was talking tongue-in-cheek, right ? Eg.: the perpetual questions so that eventually she/they just say "sure, yeah".

Example: Kind of like how Area 51 (steeped with UFO lore) officials keep getting peppered with questions. And finally one of them just said: "Yup, we're keeping captured alien aircraft blah blah ". The media got wind of that and had a field day. Eg.: Aha! they admit it! When it was just disgust at the perpetual questions and an equally silly answer.

I'm sure the USA (fort knox) can show an equally impressive photograph of our gold reserves too. Does that mean we too have found a Yamashita treasure ?
We get it. You don't think there is a treasure. Why keep saying the same thing over and over?

Paul :Oř
It's hard to believe someone is telling the truth when you know if you were in the same situation you would lie.

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