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Originally Posted by Skippy SH13 View post

. What follows is a degree of boredom filled with "passing of time." For true intentions, please see the picture below.

Tom, I don't disagree. Maybe the better phrasing would have been, "more plausible" or, "Possibly credible."

It's well known, and very documented (especially by you!, LOL) that most reports and the treasure hunters stories are amplified by time and rumor. It's also well documented that treasure does get found.

We should also all consider that if a person were to come across the treasure and NOT want it to be taken away, the last thing they'd do is widely publicize the info. Treasures are often found and NEVER publicly made known. It happens.

So... could there be credibility in the reporting of what happened between the governments and with the Marcos family? Could they have found a portion of the treasure? Sure. It's Possible. Is it likely? Well... that is actually an irrelevant contemplation, because ultimately, it's NOT about probabilities. It either happened or it didn't. Whether any individual believes or argues one way or the other doesn't change whether or not it happened or didn't. Reality is not put to a Vote. We can wonder, but we cannot know. Trying to convince everyone something did happen when it did not is JUST as absurd as trying to convince everyone something didn't happen when it did.

Let me add to this conversation in this way:

The backfire effect shows that in an "argument" when an individual is presented with facts, data, testimony, eyewitness info, etc... contrary to an entrenched viewpoint, those things actually MORE entrench them. Data does not matter. Any data (anecdotal, real or somewhere in between), that presents an alternative viewpoint that MAY refute or challenge their belief, results in them becoming MORE entrenched as a result of the conversations, even if they're wrong.

So, knowing that principle... It means, that you sir, (or me, or anyone entrenched) everytime it is argued against the possibility of Yamashita's treasure and someone adds "possibility" to the conversation, your brain is hard-wired to shoot it down. The data I provided was a possibility. You dismissed it instantly with "it's copy-paste." I actually saw it coming, and laughed out loud (for realz) when I read your post. It's been my experience that you will dismiss anything related to this...outright.

Basically, you are so incredibly entrenched in the idea that Yamashita's treasure is ridiculous rumor, that even if it has been found in whole, or in part, that you would be MORE likely to dismiss it as copy-paste, additional rumor, or fantastic stories, even if someone confronts you with even more details, such as documentation, eye-witness statements, research, and government involvement (both circumstantial and legitimate), simply because there is plausible deniability in the fact that documentation can be forged, eye-witnesses can be wrong, and the government is all about mis-information anyway... You brain is wired to be correct, and it is likely so entrenched it will dismiss everything. Even now, you're probably dismissing things...

You appear to be entrenched so deeply, that anytime I see you enter a conversation about the Philippines, it is to disparage the rumors, dismiss them, and otherwise downplay the possibility of any treasure. This is based on my own observations of your statements. now... That doesn't mean your opinion is wrong... not by any means... In fact, you may be right on the money on whomever is posting their latest squiggly marked rock! It just gives strong evidence that your opinion would not likely be swayed by any evidence, real, or circumstantial to the contrary.

And yet... we have a legitimate 1980's treasure hunter who lived, eat, and breathed the search for buried loot. Stuff exists... just didn't manage to find the stuff he was looking for.

In the end:
Yamashita's treasure could have been found in part, or in whole and you'll never believe it. Not one word. Even if you were shown pictures, you'd still claim it was faked. You have (and none of us know if they're faked, either). The Marcos story is one specific set of details that is fairly well documented... the claims aren't that the gold existed... it's that they found some of it, and then leveraged it into greater wealth.

Yamashita's treasure was in fact STOLEN. It exists. We don't know where its been placed, but it was, in fact put somewhere. It could be in whole or in part still out there. Yamashita's treasure also includes the various stockpiles of looted goods from the Philippines. The US ordered the destruction of all mines in 1941 and 1942 (as they were strategic points of resources). Any number of loot points could have been buried. Even a simple map showing the based of operations by the Japanese could yield results of stockpiles of military goods or loot... Most of these have been lost to time, but there are STILL military stockpiles being found. This is fact, not fiction.

So... bottom line for me, how many rumors do shipwreck hunters wade through, before they can piece together the real story (and then usually GRID search multiple areas so thoroughly as to not miss a wreck), before finding it. There's a lesson to be learned there. People will say, "you'll never find it, it's all rumor!" but the reality is that ships went down, and the gold is there. Yamashita's treasure exists... Found or not, I do not know.

Then on top of it... maybe Marcos family tortured details out of Rogelio... Maybe the gold was put into the world markets by corrupt governments... Maybe it's still out there, actively being found, but never reported here... and don't be so quick as to dismiss that a random spot of loot isn't periodically found... because when and if it is, the LAST thing someone in the Philippines would do is report it. Why? Marcos is reported to have tortured the location out of Rogelio! There's a strong reason to keep it quiet!

Put it all together, and who knows... maybe there have been a dozen or more people who have found treasure stashes in the Philippines in the last several decades... We don't know...

One last parting comment (and it has nothing to do with real or not). Indiana Jones has nothing on the OP.. Pretty cool stuff, eh?
You might need a biger & sharper stick with Tom to get the point accross.

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