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I married into a Philipine family decades ago. At the time, round table discussions were commonplace for talk of "Marcos and Yamashita's hidden treasures" It was called blood money because many risked their lives, time and personal funds searching for it.

At the time, the stories and individual interests grew. Many Islanders were talking about it and sucking in anyone who would listen and ultimately get involved. After all, they were using the foreigners money to chase after it.

No matter how credible the story sounds, the contact person was far removed from the real deal.

Stories of US government aircraft shot down loaded with currencies used to fund the Phillipine opposition, Japanese Army robbing the land of it's wealth and stashing it away in the jungles, Marco's hidden cash, etc, etc, etc... may sound pretty sexy like a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie, but I've never seen nor heard of anyone coming back with a dime.

I've met Filipinos who tell stories of fearless tribesmen who will show you gold bars laid out on the beach in the Southern Island Mindanao, but again no one has come back with a dime. This is also home of the feared Abu Sayef Terrorists who would love to kidnap you and put you up for randsom or death.

Today in 2017, I don't hear much about these stories anymore. Maybe the interest isn't there anymore. The only ones who are making money in this are the consultants and guides who swear they know where it all is.

This is my experience I'd like to share, but maybe there are some people out there who have made their fortune there but are not talking about it. At least certainly not with the media.
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