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Originally Posted by pacer View post
Woo Hoo! My Aukey EP-B80 Bluetooth Low Latency Ear Buds arrived early. First thing I noticed after opening the mailing envelope was the quality of the packaging, very nice indeed. It came with everything I mentioned in my original post. It took a little over one hour to completely charge the ear buds. It paired flawlessly and on the first attempt to my Nox 800. And it paired as I hoped it would as the LCD Screen indicated "aptXô Low Latency headphones connected. As far as any white noise, there was none that I could detect. I'm going out tomorrow and see how it goes. I will post here on the forum with my final thoughts.
Sounds very promising! Thanks for keeping the updates coming - Iím looking forward to hearing how they work for you in the field. I hope they continue to work well for you! If you continue to have a good experience with yours, Iíll probably give them a shot if I can find a good deal.


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