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Originally Posted by twizzlerlord View post
Congrats on those sweet finds!
Originally Posted by JAK View post
Congrats...very nice nickel hunt!
Thank you
Originally Posted by TundraPlugger View post
Great finds mat! I don't have much luck with nickels in general.... only 1 buffalo and 2 V's in 5 years. I'm kind of a picky digger though. Most of my digging occurs in nice areas and I'm sure folks would banish me from their little towns if I left too many dried up grass circles [emoji6] Great finds though.....and that shield nickel looks real nice!

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I guess this is what happens when you dig it all...
Originally Posted by jwp1964 View post
Nice work Mat. That is doing it the hard way. Congrats.
Originally Posted by Rattlehead View post
Nice one Matt! Congrats buddy!

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Thank you
Originally Posted by Jamflicker View post
Thatís awesome, congrats!


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