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I hereby appoint cellrdwellr as my stand-in while I am out for major surgery soon. He's pretty much nailed it. I would say the first one is 1910-20 and either food or condiment. It is quite bubbly for the era. The second one, also probably a condiment or food bottle also, around WW1 give or take. The third one looks older, maybe early 1900s to maybe 1910 with what looks like an applied top. I can't see the seams to see where they end to know for sure. If it says Heberling on the sides it is indeed a household product bottle ranging from medicine to solvents and anything between. Can't be sure with the front/back paper labels long gone. The hardest thing about accurately dating these type bottles is that even after Automatic Bottle Machines came in, many companies continued to use old methods. Anyway, you're into a good era for finding some nice stuff like beers. Mlk bottles in that era are very desirable.

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