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Originally Posted by GKL View post
Looks really good !!!!!

Just need a little cornbread !

We got lots of beans in the cupboard, probable need to cook some more up soon, it's been a few weeks.
I normally would have, but we've had a couple days in the 60's, and the oven just makes it too hot in here. Not to and snow in the forecast tomorrow, and below freezing temps at night for the next 2 weeks

Originally Posted by zeemang View post
Looks great! Big chunks of kielbasa in there too?
Thanks, Smoked sausage, but would have rather had some andouille

Originally Posted by amc rulz View post
Oh yeah! Looks good -

Originally Posted by Walknstik View post
With grub like that whatever is leftover won't last long around me. Ha!
I will cook extra, and freeze it so it's always ready to eat if I get the cravin'

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