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Originally Posted by selfan70 View post
the last bottle has embossing on both sides, i think to it was a medicine bottle, just trying to find out the age of it, the seam stops bout half way up the neck of it. thank you again.
Heres a little info on the bottle, still looking for a date of production...

This vintage clear glass medicine bottle features embossed words on both SIDES of the bottle including HEBERLING on one side & BLOOMINGTON, ILL on the other. Measures 6.25"H x 2.25"W x 1.25"D. Marked on the bottom with a raised diamond.

This bottle has NO label, but another bottle posted online in the same form/shape & markings included a paper label with "Heberling's Blood Tonic & Laxative Compound & tends to clease the system - stimulate the appetite" - manufactured by G. C. Heberling Co., Bloomington, ILL (see comment photo below).

Historic Heberling Co. factory & warehouse was located at Douglas & Prairie St. Heberling's wide-ranging product list included remedies such as camphor cream, "headache tablets," and laxative tea; toiletries like vanishing cream, complexion powder & "Flowers of Beauty" perfume; extracts flavors & spices; & other items ranging from stove polish to sewing machine oil. Used self-employed salesmen who went door to door selling Heberling products.

Unique local medicine bottle.

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