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Originally Posted by cutigergrad02 View post
Just curious if one exists for the 350
there is 1x NEL Tornado 12x13 DD on e-Bay right NOW for $174 +25 shipping out of the Ukraine. Does NOT look like it has a coil cover... Although, people on this forum have apparently been using spray on Rhino liner or bed liner or something like that. Me personally, I still have yet to do the spray on bed liner as I'm NOT very good with paint or wood working, for that matter. Anyways, hope this helps. It looks REALLY nice and actually want to get it myself, BUT just can't do the money right now. HH \_

if you goto KellyCo they have a 10x14 DD Excelerator for $169 + whatever the shipping cost is??? THAT I DO HAVE, BUT have NOT been able to use it as of yet. HH \_

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