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Default Should I ditch the etrac at the beach?

Been a while since I last posted, but retired and living in Myrtle Beach. I do so miss the dirt.
Really not feeling the love with the etrac and the beach. Dry is no issues, but wet?? Really ticking me off the past 2 years. I just can't find settings I can live with.
Seems to get it to quiet down I give up way too much sensitivity and pin pointing is next to impossible in the wet no matter the setting..

So, short of getting a beach hunter type, (which I use to have but I broke it) is their a better machine that isn't basically downgrading or duplicating the etrac's performance?

Is their that much of a difference between a nox and the etrac at the beach (water proofing aside)?

Of course if someone has some settings they want to share that would be good too. Thanks

GTI 2500, White's Beach Hunter, E-Trac, Garrett pin pointer.

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