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Always. Even when the Pistol Probe turns up a goose egg after I've found the latest rusty nail hoard. There have been times when my holes turn into trenches. Many signals sometimes bleed together in a horizontal fashion. I am trying to be careful and not wear out my welcome by making the lawn look like a drunken idiot with a backhoe was trying to extend the house's foundations.

I have been using the stock programs on the DFX set for higher discrimination for the most part. I will amend that on my next effort as zeemang suggests. Not like discrimination is helping at all anyway and I have been missing that silver well below that iron.

Maybe I should give this spot a rest and go somewhere else to learn my machine a little better. Perhaps a site where I won't have to exhume a Desoto's weight in junk in order to find a single inbred nickel. I wonder if there is some subtly of use here that I can't quite grasp yet.

This is still loads of fun. Being stubborn and careful will pay off.
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