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Brainwashing, Good point I own a deus and have for a long time now, I will be the first to say there has been a lot of brain washing going on. Not saying at certain things is isn't great, separating it is second to none as of now. But in the big picture it is highly overrated IMO as I feel there a lot of machines that do other things to make hunting better that can increase the good finds on a long days hunt.

I go on hunts with people regularly and it is amazing how at the end of the day that the folks with other machines do just as good if not better as the mighty deus users. I will and always have said it is most important that folks get over the target first and foremost. I think people forget this.

People need to find a machine they enjoy, If they do that they will more than likely find more than they ever would running a machine they hate no matter how good someone told them it is. I Know a lot of folks on here will understand what I am talking about. You know when you get that machine that you just click with and you enjoy running it vs the machine you just can't stand. For every person that can be a different machine..

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