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Originally Posted by Dustyloins View post
Haven't coughed up the money yet for one, still using my White's Bullseye II. Works really good on gold. The switch is a little too "touchy" though......

I have numerous pinpointers and the Garrett is my favorite, by far! A few weeks back, I left my fanny-pack with my treasure bag (empty) and Pro Pointer on the roof of my car as I prepared to catch a bus to the beach. Got to the beach and realized what happened. Needless to say, it was NOT still on the roof of my car when I returned that afternoon! I have the Whites Bullseye II, the Bounty Hunter pinpointer and a few of others (AutoMax, DX-1 in line and an underwater one) but mostly use the Garrett combined with the BH. I like the Garrett to get me close to my target within inches and follow up with the BH stuck into the ground with it's very small probe after probing the ground with a screw driver. The BH only sounds off if it's within about 1/4" of the target, so I know I'm REALLY close! Saves making too big of a hole in the ground, especially at parks. I'm getting ready to order another Pro Pointer because I really miss it and the others just can't do what it does! I especially love it's increased intensity as you get closer to the target as well as the fact you can use a coin on the side to get deeper signals! So cool!

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