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Originally Posted by beerdoodle View post
Looks like a good thread to get someone electrocuted...............
yeah, i hear ya there!

when people are saying their adapters are getting too hot and burning out, that's kinda telling me that they're obviously being put to use in ways that they're not meant to be and applications that the transformers can't handle.
i went the extra steps with my set-up: a heavy duty transformer designed to run 24/7; dual fused (on both the AC side AND the DC side); variable power output and a cooling fan.... just to be on the safe side.
of course it goes without saying that NO set-up like this should be left unattended and they should be frequently checked for any signs of over heating. most transformers, regardless of they're being used for, will get slightly warm to the touch, but if they're getting HOT, then ya might want to reconsider the application that you're using it for and ask yourself if it's worth the risks.

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