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Originally Posted by Mud-puppy View post
Congratulations Gary and Team! Lots of laughs and ideas! With all the problems of various sorts now a days, and this kind of light hearted medicine is just what the Doctor ordered!
Originally Posted by davidlhyde63366 View post
That is a special occasion , looking forward to lots more funny photo/edits and celebrating a 50,000 views banquet down the road. Very nice job on the Photo/edit. :: If you look close lots of detail in this one including the name of the banquet hall.
Originally Posted by ScubaDetector View post
This brings a lot of laughs. I am sure with the views it brings more but folks don't comment.

Enjoyed every aspect of it.

(I would have asked where our partners were for the banquet but I was nervous of what kind of partner I would have!)
Originally Posted by SoOregonMd View post
Congrats on your 20,000 views Gary !!!

I have loved every bit of it !
Originally Posted by DbblTap View post
20,000 views and he is not even warmed up yet!

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words and for being a part of this whether by being spoofed or simply viewing and enjoying the laughs, I get a laugh myself out of making these and sometimes start laughing before I even get one finished .but it makes it much more fun to know others are enjoying some laughs too whether they comment or not (and that's okay, I often enjoy a post but simply don't have a comment and might just hit the "Did you find this post helpful?" as a "like" ) and just the view count alone shows people are enjoying it even without any response

Stay tuned, more to come later, got chores and errands to do now, yep, as much as I enjoy making funny edits, I actually really do much more than just making funny edits as some might think sometimes

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