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Originally Posted by luked View post
got mine a little modded up today
been needing a PP and dont have the cash for a new Garrett so had the old Harbor Freight PP laying around but like most the power button was bad. so off to radio shack i went today.
picked up a button but they didnt have any viberating motors. so got home and got the button put in and all of it worked well speaker still works also but with headphones sometimes it can be tough to hear the speaker.
so what i did was i tied in 2 wires with the wires on the speaker, i removed the led terminals from the circut board and tied the led to the speaker. now when it sounds off the led lights up as well.
when radio shack gets in one of the motors im going to work on putting it in as well
so far its working well and hopefully will suit me for quite a while.
I've never had to replace the button on mine yet..but I have had to clean it a couple of times... one tip that will help with the button is .. you can remove the switch, then cut a finger tip off of a latex glove and cover the switch the reinstall the switch.. this will keep dirt from entering the switch and damaging it..

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