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Originally Posted by SkiWhiz View post
I wouldn't be surprised if Nokta/Makro comes out with more coils for the Simplex with them being as popular as they are. One thing about Nokta/Makro is that they listen to their customers, they have already had some updates for the Simplex because of customers wants and needs. They are a great company.
They are not always listening, many of us have been asking for a small 5-6" coil for the past 7 months. No answer to this question. If or when. But, think it was NEL who would be making several other aftermarket smaller search coils for the Simplex.

I like the 5.5x9 for most hunting situations. Has a tad less depth than the 8.5" round DD coil.

Putting fun back into Treasure Hunting.
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