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Default Winter day project

My first detector, bought in the fall, was a BH Discovery 3300 and i had a nice soft case on hand that was made for photographic light stands that worked great for transport.

Bitten badly by the bug i soon had a Minelab Vanquish 540 and it would not fit in that bag.

So i started looking for a hard case that could hold the detector and accessories and found this plastic trunk at Menards.

The Vanquish is a snug fit but you have to reverse the arm rest to make it fit but that only takes a few seconds. The Vanquish is also much easier to collapse than the Discovery 3300.

The case easily holds both detectors, a big and little digger, find bag, and lots more stuff. I also put a closed cell foam pad on the interior bottom for protection

I used velcro straps to hold some items on a board attached to the top of the trunk. A problem with that however is you cannot let the trunk top swing all the way back because it stresses the plastic hinges.

But when i have this in the back of my SUV the back will rest vertically against the sidewall of the car so it shouldn't be a problem.

Couple other nice touches to the trunk are it has wheels on one end and is made in the USA.
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