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Default Hmmmmmm….

Well, in the Castle We are now well prepared for the impending first winter snow storm, but KT has little faith in our local weather prognosticators after last weekend. They built up a full blown blizzard frenzy a couple of days before last weekend and we got nothing! And never an apology for the extra excitement they caused.

They are up to their old tricks again yesterday and today…big snow load supposed to hit on Saturday. Because the Queen was nearly out of suet cakes for the bird feeders, KT made it by Ollie’s and picked up a couple of dozen of various varieties. His Majesty swears some of them, particularly the woodpecker peanut blend look exactly like some of the “health” bars that the Queen enjoys. If we really got in a bad fix, KT will start eating those particular bars…..hmmmm, might be a good tip for survivalists!

Perhaps we could cook some Raman noodles on the wood stove and shave some of the peanut bars into the soup to make a Thai dish, since they have a peanut flavored sauce for many of their dishes?

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