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Originally Posted by turtlefoot View post
I have the chance to pick up a Fisher F2 locally, working, for a very good price. I know it is older and no longer made, but in the overall picture, is it still considered a good entry level machine? Almost all the videos that I can find are obviously older, but, at the time it came out, it seemed to have good marks.

It's only $50.00 and I am looking for an upgrade from the Bounty Hunter. Any advice is appreciated.

Already advised to you but my instant reaction was also "Grab it!"

Hate that it uses 9V batteries, but otherwise decent machine, great to learn on and find tons of clad (at least!) Down the road, keep it as a backup, or pass the needle to the next guy...

I was just thinking the other day, I need to keep my F2 in the trunk ALWAYS, and load up the higher end stuff on planned hunts. Mytwocents.

EDIT -- I just re-read your post and...having never used the Bounty Hunters, I can't say for SURE that this is a step up as far as what you'll find with it -- but it IS a good detector at a great price.
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