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Originally Posted by IDXMonster View post
It really looks to me like the Legend is an Equinox competitor, while the D2 is quite a bit more involved and perhaps geared toward the REALLY hardcore hunter looking to ďeekĒ the last 5% of achievable targets out of their sites. Letís face it, targets of any kind at up to 5-6Ē deep can be seen with just about anything nowadays, but the price of the D2 is what it is because of the apparent ability to see deep and fast at the same time, along with engineering thatís at the pinnacle of whatís available. Will the Legend make some people happy? Iím quite sure. Can it compete with the D2 in every category? At half the price I wouldnít expect it to, and donít think it will. Quite honestly, from the 4-5 videos Iíve watched on the Legend, it looks and sounds pretty much like a re-hashed Equinox. Thatís just my take. If you have an Equinox already, I donít think youíd be gaining anything by getting a Legend too. JMHO.
Also, it looks like the Legend is in the price range where it might be a real competitor to not only the Equinox 800 but the Equinox 600 and Garrett AT series. Basically, for the same price the consumer will get multi-frequency, wireless headphones and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with the Legend.
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