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i did do a pre order on the Legend but I pondered for quite awhile before i did, i considered both the Legend and the Deus 2 long and hard as atomicbrcg stated, the price of that legend pro pack is a fantastic deal, if the legend turns out to be as good in the detecting department as the Equinox 800 which none of us will actually know until we have one in our hands and tweak setting to suit our ground and our hunting styles and that goes for a DEUS 2 also

you have to think the the cost for the legend pro pack is $765 I believe compared to the Deus 2 at $1599 with one coil then you add a second coil to that DEUS 2 you have now pushed the cost to close to 2K which makes it almost 3 times what the Legend is
The only other coil I want for the Legend is a 9.5 x 5 inch coil and even then the cost for the Legend will end up just a little over $800

Again none of us will even know what to expect until we have either in our hands, how much I will get to detect played a big part in my decision as well, if I were still able to get out and detect everyday like I once did my pre order might have went the other way but I am realistic and do not see myself ever being able to get out and detect like I once did, if I had purchased the Deus 2 and then it sat leaned up against the wall most of the time I would be kicking myself real hard, which I will do the same with the Legend just not near as hard
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