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Originally Posted by ZR2guy View post
I can't tell you how many 1965 quarters and dimes I have found through the years. I have found wheat pennies, 40s, 50s, 60s nickels, silver and gold jewelry but finally, finally this year I found my first silver coin; a 1957 Rosie. I felt as if the world had been lifted from my shoulders.
If you are finding 1964 pennies, good chance silver is lurking somewhere near. I have always enjoyed this hobby but I honestly enjoy it even more now that the pressure ( I put on myself of course ) of finding that first silver coin is gone.
Don't give up
I watch all the youtube guys and they make it seam so easy, but I promise a silver coin will not decide if I enjoy this hobby. Its like anything else its the thrill of the hunt. Its finding something and guessing about its story. Its talking to the ole timers around town and realizing the historic encyclopedias that are walking the face of the earth. I was never interested in history as a kid but I found myself watching the history channel as I got older and now drilling it down even further to individual stories from people or even further to a single momento from one of those individual people.
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