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Originally Posted by BottleCapKing View post
You would be amazed at what the NYC sewer workers pull out of the sewers in terms of gold, silver, old coins, etc.
Its actually a seldom thought about subject BKC..what people flush...flashback...One Summer, I was the 'hose boy, septic tank cap popper' on a rural pump out truck..My boss was a Nice and happy guy, Out we would go honey dippin daily, no dress code required...He paid me well..He even had a slogan he loved to say to his clients whilst pulling the pay....."Thank you! Your Krap is my bread and butter!"

Indeed it is a lucrative business plan to consider, steady route, interesting visuals, etc..You pretty much know whats going on inside a specific household and the personal hygiene product preferences by the contents exuded from the tank...For instance...

Bachelor guy down the road preferred Wendys or BurgerKing free napkins all these years? Evidently got married in May.... 1500 gallons ago!! And now we are dealing with 3 ply sheets, cotton ponies, floating Trojans bubbling up like like a Miami Beach Man O' War migration?....Dahell? I never even got an invite to the reception!

You pop the concrete cap off a tank as a septic tank hose boy? ...Take a good long look at the task set before you...and say to yourself.."damn!.. there but for the grace of God go I"


Detecting is the study of Mankinds interaction with topography, the untrustworthiness of pockets, and metals desire to return to the Earth from whence it came.

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